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  • Bitbit is after you

    Hilarious, as usual 😀

    For the folks who can’t afford to suffer the whole playlist, listen directly to the two gems, 1st I got goxed, 3rd Love you like a bitcoin by Kryptina.

    “So send me one more bitcoin, maybe…” *whistle*

  • Antonpoopalous

    I couldn’t listen to more than 5 seconds of each lol

  • After Waterboarding


  • kfreed

    Oh my… songs even… reminds me of something. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Wait… yes I can: http://www.sheilaomalley.com/?p=9750

    • Mike Tobias

      You are a dumbfuck

      • kfreed

        When I start trading my “fiat” money for buttcoins, then I’ll be a dumb fuck. Meanwhile, that honor goes, almost exclusively, to Ron Paul sheeplets, who repeatedly line up for fleecing… if bitcoins were printed on paper, you’d at least be able to wipe your arse with them:

        “Fool’s Gold”

        “Bitcoin is a fantasy. The Internet

  • Lord William Fitzgerald faunt

    Hard to care that much about this story.

  • Pocket Feature 25

    One thousand, nine hundred and ninety words indignantly moralizing over a brief two paragraph Bitcoin-STDH.txt.

    I mean I’m definitely cringing and the word “spastic” certainly comes to mind but neither one of those is because of the Reddit post.

  • kfreed

    We’ve figured out by now that Libertarians are basically scam artists and criminals… from online cime sydicates right down to petty pumpkin theft… with high minded excuses aplenty:) Yeah, in Libertopia those “property rights” don’t apply to other people’s property. Sounds less like a movement and more like “Lord of the Flies” to me.