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  • Samuel Stringman

    Thanks for the article.
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      Where can I collect my tips? Is there a Reddit Plugin?

  • Dixie

    Good article but you might want to edit the line “It shows a level of condescension and confidence that is not acceptable in a trail against the feds, especially if your the one on trial.”

    • Nicsho

      Yeah. I was recovering from the kool-aid, and double spoke. I also seem to have added a 0 after a sentence.

      • Wampler Longacre

        Um, I think Dixie was probably referring to your spelling of “trial” as “trail” and use of “your” instead of “you’re”.

        And I have mixed feelings about being this pedantic, but I’m pretty sure the plural is “dildos” 😉

        • Nicsho


  • Sarah T.

    In my very first comment on /r/bitcoin, when I was still learning about Bitcoin, I asked Peter Surda (bitcoin economist) a pretty simple question about market volatility, and I was answered with a mix of economic word soup and a veiled insult (I was either an idiot or a hater, essentially). So, yeah, a community that is worried about new user adoption should think about why it attracts guys like Surda and why it allows them to be a voice for their community.

    • Nicsho

      I am sorry about your early experience. It seems to be what happens as a whole.

  • Filthy Liar

    I really enjoy the link description pop up text thing your articles contain. I wish more people would use it. I enjoy your style in general. Good luck to you.

    • Nicsho

      Thanks, man! I like putting them in there, as little extras only smart people notice.

  • kfreed

    “Why People Dislike the Cult of Coin”

    Simple: the same reason people dislike the Cult of Ron Paul. They’re the same clueless, self-righteous, irony-challenged douches who sit around all day listening to Alex Jones conspiracy theories – the most absurd herd of “sheeple” anyone has ever come across ether in person or on the Internet:

    There’s a reason most of them behave like members of an insane religious cult; it’s not a coincidence:) >>> “Waiting for the Day When We Can Say We’re All Austrians: Ron Paul’s Brand of Libertarianism”

    Spot on with the “Loaded Language” reference. What they mean when they say “liberty” is a notion in direct opposition to what the rest of us consider the definition of freedom to be… and why they’ll forever remain the victims of scammers – them’s easy pickins:)

  • Patrick

    Great article that made me laugh! I am definitely bookmarking this site. I love harassing Bitcoin nutjobs. Stock trader by day, Bitcoin nutjob ball buster by night. I love my life.