KING OF FUD! DISCLAIMER: I own .05 bitcoins.
  • Libertardian

    Bitcoiners are samefags.

    Actually, I wouldn’t be suprised if it turns out that a large portion of the Bitcoin community is ten really close business partners with an army of Reddit alts.

  • Jay84

    Really enjoying your paranoia… :)

    • zeekthegeek

      It’s not paranoia when it’s demonstrably true. Try harder.

      • Jay84

        Yeah, totally convincing. I suppose you are one of those members of fiat money cult, aren’t you?

        • killhamster

          Hilarious that a bitcoiner would accuse someone else of being in a cult.

          [img-A-Huge Ever-Growing-Pulsating-Ironicat-That-Rules-from-the-Centre-of-the-Internet]

          • Jay84

            Rotschild is that you? We, members of bitcoin cult and free hat movement, are going after you. As I said, love the paranoia. Cheerio!

          • Sneb

            You believe in the joominati, but are not the paranoid one?

  • Piss


  • ButtcoinP2PShill

    And exactly as you said, this happened:

    Oh those silly /r/bitcoin shills.