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  1. Urpo Lankinen
    March 25, 2013 @ 5:52 am

    Got to appreciate this, purely as a completely useless but at the same time ingenious hack.

    However, it’s not exactly elegant. cc65? Ugh, compiled C code, I’m sure hand-crafted 6502 assembly would have done the job more efficiently. And what’s with all this newfangled USB cable bullshit? Pseudo-ROM packaging? Good grief. Tell you what: It’d be probably pretty easy to develop some kind of an interface to talk between a modern PC and a Commodore 64 user port. Load that software up in a C64, just have the stuff fly back and forth over the cable, and you’d get a whole lot higher throughput that way and wouldn’t even need hacky webcam solutions. You’d get several more hashes verified per minute that way!


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