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  • http://www.jgsbws.com Terry Smith

    In every single one of these cases bitcoin is fine, it’s the wonky websites and sleezy people who are lining up to exploit it who are the problem.

    The light attracts bugs.

    We will handle this without the intervention of the state, because asking for regulation is exactly like getting the cops to put you in a cell where you will be safe. We’ll be safe on our own, thank you.

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  • Anonymous

    Bitcoins are a good thing. MtGox handled their mistake and made good on their promises, and now they are going to help cover the other exchange that got hacked (bitomat.pl). So to set the record straight – the only way that people lost their bitcoins was putting their wallet in the hands of a con artist. That’s like asking Frank Abagnale to hold your money while you go to the bathroom, then saying that the us dollar isn’t secure enough to trust. =)