Bitcoin is still the punchline

In case you needed more proof that bitcoiners don’t understand humor, SA Forums goon surebet went wading through theáshitheap at Bitcointalk to find more “jokes” written by them. He is a braver man than I.

One evening the bitcoin blockchain came to a halt, it turns out Chuck Norris had mined all the remaining bitcoins, and the difficulty was larger than Graham’s number.

Q: Why is there no gold at the end of the rainbow?
A: The Leprechaun took it and traded it for bitcoins!

lol bitcoin its orange .
orange not give happines
but always gives money
how my jokes cans makes you laugh right ?

Why did the bitcoin cross the road?

To get to the china bubble

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Bitcoin Who?

A peer-to-peer decentralized crypto-currency that utilizes open source software and public ledger called the blockchain to provide proof of work in solving the encrypted transactions ultimately increasing security and control in your personal finances.

How many Bitcoins does it take to screw the banking system?

Jack and jill went up a hill, both with half a bitcoin.

Jill came down with 1 bitcoin, that fucking whore.

Schrodinger’s cat knows your private key. Maybe.

How do you make enough time for all the work and play with your computer?
– You don’t. You mine with the GPU.

How do you know it’s P2Pool?
– Balance still 0.00000000 after months of mining.

How do you know it’s Bitcoin?
– All your inputs are less than the minimum fee per input.

Why did the Bitcoin cross the silkroad?

To commit computer hacking, traffic in fraudulent identification documents, and money laundering conspiracy.

Is that an Antminer in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me.

A Gavincoin and an MPCoin meet in a bar. Says Gavincoin to MPcoin: ‘fork you!’ Says Mpcoin to Gavincoin: ‘No, fork you!’

A Bitcoiner jumps into a cab…

Cabbie: Where to, bud?
Bitcoiner: Just take me for a ride.

A Shitcoiner jumps into a cab…

Cabbie: Where to, bud?
Shitcoiner: What makes you think I’m goin’ anywhere?

A Dogecoinger jumps into a cab…

Cabbie: Where to, bud?
Dogecoiner: Very far. Much fast. Wow.
Cabbie: Wow, as in Bow?
Dogecoiner: So clever.