The fucked up people of bitcoin and Bruce Wagner’s (predictable) thoughts on rape.

Bitcoin is notásucceedingáthe way many people want, and it’s getting ugly. The bubble at $20-$30 is a long, long way from ever coming back. Whenever a rally comes up, a scam takes the price down again. Any detractors are labeled “trolls” and run off the bitcoin forums. No one has a good business model, they all have ideas but can’táimplementáthem. A bunch of 19-year-old CS majors trying to change the world does not work out. One step forward, two steps back. The only people making money off bitcoin are the exchanges, and those are getting hacked on a weekly basis.

Many of the most vocal supporters of the bitcoin community are the most fucked up people I’ve ever seen. They have such a twisted sense of reality it’s maddening. And it’s through this twisted sense of reality that they are perpetrating the constant frauds and outright scams in the bitcoin community, and causing not just themselves, but friends and family to lose real hard earned money.

On this site I’ve restrained from going into personal opinions of specific members of the bitcoin community. Their opinions are their own and it’s not my place to judge. But as bitcoin becomes less and less of a libertarian science project, and more one long con game, I can’t stop pointing these lunatics out. So I’ll be slicing off some choice cuts for you to chew on and form your own opinions on.

Here’s one great post by non other than bitcoin supporter #1, Bruce Wagner.

For the uninitiated, Bruce Wagner is the co-owner and host of OnlyOneTV. OnlyOneTv is an online TV network, streaming many bitcoin related shows (some in Spanish!) and is by far bitcoin’s biggest cheerleader. He has organized the hilariously deflated Bitcoin conference and was one of the largest victims of the hacking of MyBitcoin, losing 25k coins personally. Through it all, Bruce marches on, flying the bitcoin banner high.

Bruce is also delusional to a point that it’s self destructive. He’s bleeding cash, he’s got a few failed ventures under his belt, and he seems to fall into every bitcoin scam run past him. With the good of his unnatural enthusiasm also comes the bad. He’s simply not right in the head. And with thoughts like this on rape, who is really surprised?

In our modern culture