The Bitcoin Bowl

Bitcoin fans rejoice! The once prestigious, ranked 39th out of 40 Beef ‘O’ Brady Bowl in St. Petersburg, Florida, is now known as the Bitcoin bowl, thanks to the VC-funded, “we don’t have a business model” Bitcoin company Bitpay, who spent a whole $375,000 to sponsor the college bowl game for three years. No, this isn’t a desperate cry for legitimacy after Dogecoin sponsored NASCAR’s Josh Wise and sent him rocketing to weird internet stardom.

Naturally, some of the rules of college football will have to change to reflect the Bitcoin community’s values and standards. Thankfully, my awful pals at the SA forums have been more than happy to make some suggestions:


put all the scores in the blockchain


all plays take a ten minute break while everyone watching decides whether they agreed with what they saw


i really hope they implement a tipping system at the game, where people in the stands pelt the players with quarters.


anybody who purchases at least 51% of all tickets gets to decide how the game ends

mr Scoop:

when scoring a touchdown players need to remember to pay the score transaction fee so the points will be confirmed before the end of the game


instead of having players sent off the field for professional misconduct they must wear a special RULE BREAKER shirt so other players know not to do sport with them


25 points are awarded every 10 minutes


Halftime scheduled for Pattaya Thailand

Several field goals are orphaned

Field can only handle a maximum of 7 players at a time


clever coach sneaks sticker with team name into ref’s logbook, team credited with every touchdown that season

Chum Scandal:

players encouraged to remove pads and helmet to avoid overheating


The scoreboard is just a listing of every point scored by every team in every sport since the beginning of time


there are no referees, but there is a wiki