This is what Bitcoiners actually believe

Following are dozens of quotes, mostly dredged from reddit and Bitcointalk.


  • Sure, but it beats verifying all the transactions by hand like they did in the old days of quaint paper money, hahaha those poor bastards with their ”cash registers” and shillings and whatnot.
  • I love this. People who try to make points like this against bitcoin don’t seem to realize how infantile cash and banking systems are in comparison.
  • this is governments going OMG/WTF bitcoin is real–it’s a strong currency in the midst of our little currency war. All currencies are competing to devalue, simultaneously. BTC isn’t. This is like prohibition; as soon as inflation picks up, the masses will come.
  • Using Xbox or PS3 to mine coins? Anybody tried this before? I know their GPU’s aren’t top of the line, but for people like me who don’t game much they could be going to much better use.
  • I don’t think we are near the peak either. It’s fascinating to watch bitcoin grow, evolve and get its financial tentacles all over things.

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