If Coinbase is the future of Bitcoin, then I want off this ride.

Bitcoin. It’s still a thing, apparently. There have been many ”things” in the past, like pet rocks or flagpole-sitting, but unlike those “things”, Bitcoin is defying the trend (and haterz) and is gonna live forever! Problem is that it hasn’t really caught on, and the people who do get interested in the ‘Coin lose it very quickly when they realize how batshit insane the community is to deal with. That’s why a lot of the marketing towards attracting new bagholders has been about how easy Bitcoin is to use.

When looking at Bitcoin’s legendary “ease of use“, no one has cornered the market better than Coinbase. Coinbase is so easy; all you need to do is create an account and link it to your bank. It’s just that simple!  Or is it?

I first signed up for Coinbase around April of 2013, when it was the only player in town that could let people buy and sell Bitcoin by linking a bank account. Coinbase was one of the first services, if not the first, that let you just buy Bitcoins with a bank account. And, for the most part, it still is – it is still incredibly difficult for newbies to obtain Bitcoin outside of services like Coinbase or Circle.

So I decided to sign up for another account, just to see what the user experience was like from the start. I’d forgotten how rough it was.

I’ll give them this, they certainly know how to make one hell of a site.

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