Cards Against Humanity creator kindly tells bitcoiners to please go fuck themselves.

Cards Against Humanity is aámultiplayeráparty gameácreated a few years back that bills itself as “A party game for horrible people”. It’s similar to Apples to Apples in gameplay except it’s very crude and you make jokes about 9/11 and dead babies. Bitcoiners are horrible people who won’t stop bugging companies to accept bitcoins and giving them ultimatums like “Accept bitcoin or I wont buy your product” even though it costs real money to process these transactions. Of course, instead of converting bitcoins to USD to buy their products, they insist the businesses do all the work for a currency no one is really using. So some bitcoiner wanted to buy a Cards Against Humanity deck and instead of paying with cash or even downloading the free PDF and making their own, they insisted that the company set up a bitcoin payment processor just for his one order.ácards-against-humanity Of course he got all uppity and ran to Reddit to vent where they either called him an idiot or proclaimed the downfall of the world’s currency as usual. Read More