EXCLUSIVE: Interview with barbarianbob of “The Hole Seekers”, hacking group that took down BitcoinTalk forums.

On the day of October 2nd in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Thirteen, something amazing happened. In the wake of the shocking news that Silk Road had been shut down and that it’s fearless leader Sir Captain Dread Pirate Roberts was totally fucked, BitcoinTalk was once again the subject of a full breach of their forums and code was injected into every webpage. This is the exact same hack that happened nearly 2 years ago when Bill Cosby graced our screens inviting us to join the exciting new world of CosbyCoins. The attackers didn’t leave much information about how or why this was done but it’s probably our favorite moment ever on Buttcoin.

Being the serious investigative journalists we are, we decided to track down and find out who was behind the “Hole Seekers” hack this time. We got our hands on the source code (all 7000 lines of it!) and followed the rabbit hole as far as we could go until we finally got in contact with someone who called themselves barbarianbob. barbarianbob is the leader of the “Hole Seekers” hacking crew and agreed to meet us in a dark parking garage outside of the Mt. Gox headquarters and grant us a brief QA session.

This is the story of the BitcoinTalk Hole Seekers hack, told from the man who made it happen.

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