Has Bruce Wagner pulled off the biggest financial scam on the bitcoin community? UPDATE2 (A long fucking post.)

Bruce Wagner is the host of OnlyOneTV and the organizer of the Buttcoin Conference, and he’s a bit of a character. He seems to hate women and blames them for being victims of rape. He hadvehemently advocatedmoving the buttcoin conference toPattaya, Thailand, which just so happens to be the underage prostitution capitol of the world. Hell, he’s even posted about tips on how to pickup boys for sex.

But Bruce is also a convicted scammer and con man. He’s even fled the state and still owes thousands of dollars in outstanding debts and restitution. He’s had a mortgage fraud scheme backfire on him and been estimated to have stolen over a million dollars from people losing their homes in foreclosure.

And he may have pulled off one of the mostsuccessfulscamson the buttcoin community.


Mah Bit Con!

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