pirateat40 screwed, Bitcoin is real money as a result

In case you’re not following closely, pirateat40 (AKA Trendon Shavers) has been formally charged by the SEC, and a judge has given the case a green light. The filed a “show cause” that seized Shavers’ assets before trial, and this is his real, unedited response to this action:



Defendant’s preliminary response to show cause

The court does not have jurisdiction because it is not within the securities law.

1) freezing Defendants’ assets;
It’s ridiculous for the court to freeze my assets that are required to pay rent, utilities, food, etc and be able to pay for an attorney. My wife does not work and cares for our two children.

2) directing Defendants to provide verified accountings to the Commission;
The court has no authority to order this because it is not within the jurisdiction and does not show a need for it.

3) authorizing expedited discovery concerning the location and extent of Defendants’assets;
Three days is too short and there is no reason for it based on other orders. This should be revised based and agreed to.

Have we mentioned he is appearing pro se in court? This should be amazing.

In his ruling, judge Amos Mazzant made the mistake of saying “It is clear that Bitcoin can be used as money” and bitcoiners have taken this to mean that the US court system, along with the rest of the world governments, have declared Bitcoin to be a real currency that will soon destroy the US Dollar, Euro, various Pesos, and so on. Some have simplified it to the point that they are just shouting “Bitcoin is MONEY” at no one in particular.