Famed Trader Joe Lewis is not investing in your play money

Bitcoiners are feverishly spreading the rumor that Joe Lewis is investing in the Bitcoin ASIC “company,” Avalon, passing a link to this now-rescinded storyáon the Wall Street Journal. One of the commenters there was quick to put two and two together and find that Bitcoin just doesn’t add up:


A literal childe

Even the folks at reddit have managed to determine that the story is false, at least I think they did. Wait, no, they just read this tweet by a man who actually took the time to do a little research:

Despite this, twitter is still full of rabid bitcoiners spreading this crap like wildfire. What’s the opposite of FUD but also a total lie?

I don’t have anything else to add so here’s a photo of some bitcoins where they belong:


Yes that’s the “Daily Miner”