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  • Nathaniel Donaghy


  • Inconceivable

    Details on DPR’s first contracted murder have emerged:


    Dumbass fuck.

    • RandomJackass

      Well, holy shit. I redact my statement in an earlier post. DPR was really out to have people killed.

      He’s definitely not a Internet Freedom fighter, but a wannabe drug lord.

      I’m wondering how realistic those photos might have looked.

  • Anon

    Rape joke, really?

  • RedditAreLosers

    Obviously, removing a market which created the major demand for bitcoins is a good thing. The shills er I mean fools er I mean investors on reddit say this is the event that will push bitcoin to 1000 in the near future! Buy now!

    To be completely serious, the price climbing in the face of this event clearly indicates manipulation.