I am Buttcoin. I write about Bitcoins - but with butts.
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    • killhamster

      judging by the image and your chosen name, you care.

  • JP2GMD

    Pope John Paul II mined small coins. Age of JP2GMD is here!

  • BernieMadeOffWithMyCoins

    You just don’t get it as usual! This is one of the reasons bitcoin is super awesome!!

  • Jeremy

    Because, as everyone knows, fraud is impossible when you pay with cash.

  • 403

    Hope I can see more articles soon.

    Plenty of hilarious material floating around, for example there’s a bounty (in bitcoins) on Bernanke’s head.

  • Be

    Giving bitcoins the blame for some scam is about as fair as blaming roads for human trafficking. But this blog is getting more and more shrill each day, so i suppose it’s to be expected.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/KizoneKaprow Kizone Kaprow

    When this scam finally blows up, how many of Bitcoin’s evangelists will publicly admit that they were wrong? I’m guessing zero.

    How many will blame “the government”? I’m guessing all of them.

    How many anarcho-libertarians have ever admitted that they were wrong? Again, none.

    • funklord

      I thought this is what anarcho-libertarianism is about?
      Repealing all laws to do with scamming.