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  • Koen Crolla

    A SHA512 hash of an IP address? Sure is a competent pen tester and not a cargo cult skiddie at all.

    • shitfuck

      No he held a hash of the ip address and throw the ip away. So if he get visit, he can say it is not here. Like I am sorry, I one way compressed it. No officer I not two way compressed it. Sorry didn’t think about it, but here it is.

      You can use a hash to verify the ip address. Like a hash function generates a practically unique integer for, like, whatever you throw in it. It’s like mathematics, you know.

      On the other hand if the asshole didn’t use a salt, it is much more easier to find the ip address. That would be somewhat worrisome. If he did, it doesn’t complicate the comparison to much.

      To check he only need to send the salt to the compromised party and promise that he destroys the hash after verification. Then the compromise party hash the ip address with the salt. And then they hash both hashes on both sides and compare them. That is kinda safe.

  • seaboard Nightingale

    > the price of butts

    I’d make a comment about what Bruce
    Wagner is likely to spend his internet monopoly money on, but honestly
    there’s just too many possibilities.

  • Rok Kralj

    Unless this was an IPv6 address, anyone can calculate the IP from the SHA hash in a matter of seconds. So, this was really stupid and unnecessary step, SHA hash and IP address are in this case equivalent.

  • ThisWorldIsSick

    It’s the government mannnnnnn