KING OF FUD! DISCLAIMER: I own .05 bitcoins.
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  • BitCoin > Fiat

    So what, They are making more money than you ever will lol They dont have cases on because its the best way for them to keep cool and not over heat. Good thing ASIC are here and will stay here lol same with BTC it wont go anywhere. If the government wanted it gone they would of tried it already but they cant cuz people all over the world are mining it. Have fun being left behind while all these people in the community dont need that awful 9-5 job like you have and will retire without hardly working lol

    • Bob

      If your measure of worth is how hard you don’t work, you’re a pathetic human being.

  • Philippe

    So cool ! I was thinking of building mine , not only for money but also for fun :) instead i just build a computer with two gpu in crossfire that I use for graphic rendering and mining stuff sometime. I learnt a lot doing so..What about you ? what can you do beside criticizing stuff smart people ?