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  • Terrible

    Where’s that imgur gallery about some dude buying a Gamecube at a garage sale and finding like eight hundred dollars and an N64 stuck in various compartments of the Gamecube? It seems relevant.

  • Curt Shaffer

    Ha, Hey he bought the laptop and it’s contents. A win for him.

    If I bought a wallet at a garage sale and it had $26,000 in it then it’s a win for me. Don’t know why it would be any different if it is an analog or digital wallet. It’s not as if he went online to their bank site and used the saved passwords to empty their bank accounts.

    Lesson to be learned here is clean out your damn wallet if you are going to sell it.

    • Rob

      If you buy a closet at a garage sale in it and they accidentally left a copy of their house keys in it you don’t now own their house. If you buy a computer with a browser still logged in to internet banking you’re not allowed to clean out someone’s accounts. If you buy a computer with bitcoin access keys on it you don’t then own the bitcoins they give you access to.

      • Curt Shaffer

        Buy a closet? what does that even mean? If you mean the contents of the closet then no, just because you find a house house key doesn’t mean you own the house.

        But what if the person was selling you a lot, but then when you said you want to move in they said, but the house isn’t yours.

    • Wampler Longacre

      Lesson to be learned here is that I should never, ever, let YOU anywhere near my backup drives, you feckless criminal.

      • Curt Shaffer

        Why? if you didn’t sell them to me I wouldn’t have any cause to use whats on them.

        • Wampler Longacre

          You’ve already proven that “cause” is the same as “opportunity” in your mind. Again: Stay away.

          • Curt Shaffer

            You’ve made that assumption, but that is on you.

            I just think if you sell me something (make a transaction when I exchange money for goods) then I own it.

            I hope next time you buy a bottle of pop that the guys from Coke don’t race out to spill your drink on the ground. They might just say, “you only bought the bottle.” I’m sure you’d be cool with that.