A brief history of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin – It

  • Alex

    That was great.
    I’ve read through over 300 pages of the SA thread and still find this amusing somehow.

    Thanks for the nice article.

  • John

    That was funny and a good read but we get it……you and goons hate libertarians. Like 90% of the comments in the thread are like “wah wah libertarians this libertarians that” :smugface:. Way to push the hate goons.

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  • John Doe

    Ah, nice history.
    I stopped caring about bitcoin back in June when A) MtGox got hacked, B) The market crashed, C) Half of my bitcoins at MyBitcoin were stolen (a whopping 1 BTC), D) I realized bitcoins were STILL useless (unless you’re a junkie).

    Now, I can finally appreciate the humor of this website (which I used to hate) :)

  • http://twitter.com/nicolasdirand nicolas dirand

    convert a old 50btc i had from the year ago -> made 220 euro -> happy
    i imagine the butthurt of buttcoin should have been one of a kind for dedicating a website 😀
    now bitcoin running at 6$ usd when i started my miner it was around 0.80$ that’s a fucking x6 !
    At least it take some effort to make bitcoin you cant invent em like bernanke
    oh and i bought a 7970 gotta play ME3 !

    • http://www.buttcoin.com Buttcoin

      “At least it take some effort to make bitcoin you cant invent em like bernanke”
      You’re a real genius there.

      • chodewalla

        This website, and your replies to the comments, are a great monument to your magnanimous ass-pain.

        • Hash Tag

          Your comments, and your replies to the comments left here are a great monument to your raging, flaming autism.

  • napoleon dynamite

    That’s like a dollar an hour!

  • Vlad

    Wow. You are such a retard that I can’t help myself from commenting.
    You are the most fucking ignorant idiot I’ve ever seen.
    Bitcoins are real, it’s just your fucking little overrated brain that doesn’t get it.

    Let me explain:
    Money are nothing but trust. Take a look at the history of banks. Wikipedia might come in handy.
    Even if everyone realizes that bitcoin is a game – it’s a fucking good game with solid rules.
    And this is why it works.

    I bet you’re one of the stupid fucks that thought Wall Street was doing great because you believe in the numbers they were flashing around all day. Money are numbers. The people make them valuable by attaching trust to them.
    The same goes with bitcoins.

    What a fucking idiot.

    • http://www.buttcoin.com Buttcoin

      Even if everyone realizes that bitcoin is a game

    • http://twitter.com/CatouttaHell CatouttaHell

      You sound like one of those 12 year olds who just learned what the f-word is and is now dropping it in every sentence because he thinks it makes him scary. You should really keep your mouth shut about adult matters, boy.

    • your highschool teacher

      *teacher voice*
      wikipedia is not a valid source, vlad

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  • yada yada

    do u have a bitcoin address? how can i donate?

    oh wait, bitcoins dont have a valid use… like donating to an ignorant guy that spends his time talking about stuff he doesnt understand and think will fail anyway, but still spends the time…

    • http://twitter.com/ButtCoin Butt Coin

      did u have a stroke?

      • yada yada

        no, but i have a boner

        • Hash Tag

          fucking demolished

  • chodemonger

    Some facts about bitcoin:
    A) A lot of people have made a lot of money off of bitcoins
    B) I have made a lot of money off of bitcoins (which I have then converted back into dollars that I used to buy myself nice things)

    C) The owner of this website is very, very upset about A and B.

    • Hash Tag

      And you are very upset about the website, clearly. Point goes to Killhamster.

  • PostSurgeOperative

    I loled so hard I farted out 3 buttcoins!

    • romad20000

      SO THAT’S HOW YOU MINE BUTTCOINS!!!! Damn I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time! What was your dinner? Taco Bell?

  • someone

    Payed shill obviously.

  • Mike Smith

    Those US dollars in your pocket? The FED and Bankers are stealing from you. You really think that FED+Bankers care about you or your US Dollars? The want to take as much as possible from you via Fractional Reserved Lending, Inflation and a dozen other ways, just enough to not kill the US Dollar golden goose. And those are the people that you trust?

    • Mike Smith

      Don’t forget the 700 Billion bailout for the banks. YOUR money going to bankers to cover their loss. Dont forget your own taxes and a 17 Trillion dollar US Debit, which will never be repaid ? Man, pick anything except US Fiat !

      • Mike Smith

        If you had started with bitcoin years ago, instead of working on this site, you could have made 500K or more if you bought in early back then. Taking 500K or weakly attacking bitcoin, that’s a tough choice for sure.

        • killhamster

          lol @ you

          • Mike Smith

            $100 of Bitcoin in 2009 is 2.6+ Million USD today. Check it.

          • killhamster


            OK where can I cash out $2.6 million worth of butts immediately and all at once without destroying the precariously balanced “market”?

          • Mike Smith

            You and everyone else on the planet would love to have that problem. I could live on 20K a day no problem.

          • killhamster

            Don’t dodge the question, fuckwad

          • Mike Smith

            Don’t get angry at me cause you missed a bitcoin opportunity.

          • killhamster

            again, lol @ you

          • avg

            why do you care for market and why do you need SO MUCH CASH? it’ll be more easier to deposit it on a card

  • thefutureisunwritten

    Dude, you know the first time I read this I thought it was hilarious. But now, with BTC at USD 1100, you just look like an idiot. That pink haired future neckbeard that was making 4 dollars a day back when BTC was at 12-15 dollars was making something like 10 BTC per month, if he kept it up for a year or so, he would have at least 100K USD from just letting his computer running. Funny, hu?

  • Clefugly

    All these butthurt Bitcoiners.

    For as much as they masturbate about Liberty, they sure cannot fucking handle criticism.

    • Wooxer Pt

      I can’t talk for every bitcoiner but people in general tend to be able to handle constructive criticism a lot better (like, for example, scientific papers from researchers outlining security holes in the bitcoin network) than dumb criticism.

      Dumb criticism isn’t valid criticism, it falls more into the category of offending/badmouthing because it’s hard to validly criticize what you know nothing about, which means that your critics are going to be unfounded (most of them) because you don’t have sound information in which to ground them (I’m saying “you” but I refer to everyone for every subject that is criticized with absolutely no knowledge to back it up).

      If this site would dedicate itself to exposing the flaws about Bitcoin instead of saying BUBBLE BUTT SHIT PONZY DUMB BLAH BLAH BLAH it would do a much better service to the very people he’s trying to sway off of the Bitcoin ecossytem that what he’s doing now.

      He could talk about the inherent lack of verification of account addresses (meaning, if lucky enough somebody can land on the same wallet address as you and take all your money), he could talk about 51% attacks, about sybil attacks, about selfish mining attacks, about blockchain forks, about double spending transactions that passed through the controls, about bitcoins that were deleted, about the blockchain bloating, about wallet hacking, about the deflationary nature of the currency (set amount is mined, people lose them forever. circulating money drops), etc, etc, etc.. But instead it just makes up some stuff about cryptocurrencies and pays for the domain/hosting of this.

      P.S. I’m not seeing ads so I can’t say it’s because of the money so I assume it must be because he wants people to steer clear of BItcoin because he thinks of it as a threat, if he thinks that it is a threat and wants people to know it too then it’s his job to prove it (the burden of proof is in those that make the claims, I’d say good luck with that because Cryptocurrencies in that field are strongly backed up by published scientific papers and research) and talk about real problems, not make some half-assed texts that explains nothing and are more dumb and hysteria inducing than they are informative.

      • Fluxity

        Hi, this is a comedy website. The debate team is down the hall.

        If you want an actual breakdown on the fundamental flaws and why bitcoin cannot succeed at it’s intended goal, read the wonderful Bitcoin FAQ written by a friend of the site.

        • Wooxer Pt

          Well, it’s certainly better material than what is written here, but the non-scalability part is kind of a dumb point because he rests the whole theory that bitcoin can’t be a real currency in it and it can, and does, scale….

          The blocksize can and will be increased, processing times won’t be largely affected by more people using the currency, but anyway, it’s one minor flaw that is being addressed and it’s certainly a factual one, not a make-believe one.

          I know of a better article that talks about the bitcoin flaws, the bicoin wiki itself has very good information about it, https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Weaknesses

          • killhamster

            You seem to have mistaken this site for serious journalism. We use the word “butt” a lot and photoshop bad political cartoons.

            Also lol at the bitcoin wiki. Yeah I trust those dudes.

          • Wooxer Pt

            I haven’t mistaken (my first comment proves that), I’ve only said that if your goal is really to sway people off from Bitcoin (which it may or may not be), then there are a lot of valid concerns about Bitcoin that you can address.

            “Also lol at the bitcoin wiki. Yeah I trust those dudes.”
            You just basically said that for you to be able to understand if some piece of information is right or wrong you instead of thinking for yourself prefer to decide on the basis of how much you trust the informant… now THAT explains a lot…

          • killhamster

            hi it’s me the guy trying to argue seriously on the butt website

          • disqus_QJcTowQaUi

            This site is retarded.

  • http://www.alfidicapital.com/ Anthony J. Alfidi

    HYIP and Bitcoin combined take fraud to a brand new level of stupidity. Crypto-currency and super-scams will destroy each other. http://alfidicapitalblog.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-intersection-of-hyip-and-bitcoin.html

  • Patrick

    i can’t stop laughing