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  • Broadwing

    Looks like it’s only down 15% now. Pretty good recovery. Now, the next few days should be interesting as more people figure out that the main reason for using Bitcoins is gone.

    • Fluxity

      Probably people buying from Bitstamp and selling on Mt.Gox for profit.

      • Broadwing

        Yeah. I’m taking the recovery with a grain of salt, since you know the true believers were all buying. Or, as you say, using it for arbitrage.

    • RandomJackass

      Whether it recovers or not isn’t really the issue. It just goes to show how volatile the BTC market is; and why it’s terrible as a currency.

  • RedditUsersKnowItAll

    It’s back up due to price manipulation. It will be interesting when that manipulation stops.

  • anon

    hahaha saving this entry for posterity

  • Ahahaa

    Hahaha, you sure predicted the ‘fall of bitcoin’ now. You continued ability to predict market movements is truely awe inspiring.

    • Fluxity

      Please tell me what was wrong in the post because right now I’m just assuming you’re a dummy who can’t be bothered to read a 2 paragraph article.