I am Buttcoin. I write about Bitcoins - but with butts.
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  • sara

    I’ve got some dog poop I’d like to trade for other dog poop. Anyone want to start an exchange? Love, Ms. Ponzi

    • Dezz

      Looks like you should’ve poured in 3 years ago when you wrote this, and you could be a millionaire today.

      • Fluxity

        Or I could have lost it all on Mt. Gox like thousands of others did

        • Nano Sapian

          Or you could have kept your private keys and your own wallet and used Bitcoin as it was intended–trustlessly.

  • FalconFour

    FUCK YEAH! Time to jump on the downfall and ride this mutha out… I’ll suck up a good fiddydolla of Bitcoin at $5 each and watch the price go up to $8 again. I’ve never dealt in stocks before but I swear to christ this is the cheapest lesson in investment anyone could buy into right now… fucking $1,000 minimum account and whatever in the real world, screw that.

    Here’s the facts: Bitcoin is used online. Doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter why, it matters that there are people that operate their businesses around the whole Bitcoin thing. So no matter how devalued it gets, it’ll still have value for the rest of eternity. And as long as it has value, I can buy 100 Bitcoin for a buck, and it’ll still be worth a buck to someone. Or maybe it’ll go back to $15/Bitcoin and I could buy 0.06 Bitcoin for a buck. Fuck cares. It’ll always have value and I just lol heartily at these graphs. It’s like a rollercoaster, WOOHOO!! 😀

    • http://t.co/wux2gPXzWD pesa_africa

      Good point mate! so glad to read this now! I wish i had bought back then, but i am buying now for sure.

  • Dick Vanderhilt

    sara, wanna just pile all the dog poop up and make sweet sweet love on top of it? a brother’s gotta get his kicks somehow, and it is starting to look like my pattaya bitcon ladyboys aren’t gonna happen…

  • shitman


  • no one

    who bought those bitcoins? have you thought about it?
    let me tell you, those who know that prices will shoot up again soon

  • http://btcarmy.com BTCarmy

    This thing is fucking awesome! The volume is actually at a healthy level now! That’s what should be happening, lots of buying and selling to find stabilization, the price is arbitrary! In theory it should cost as much as the electricity costs for hobbyists to crank out more bitcoins. Someone run that metric for us.

  • bitcalc

    Here it is.

    $3.26 per btc is the going rate according to this calculation.

    I used:

    0.105 per effective kWh (@1kWh)
    1400 MH/s (looking at dual 6990s)
    1777774.482 difficulty

  • Don Trump

    The lower it gets, the more I will buy. Wooooohoooooooo. Cha Ching!!!!

  • Lol

    “its value”, you illiterate retard.

  • Bit is better than the FUCKKIN FED OF US

    bitcoin is better than the fed in so many ways!!!

  • asdf

    worst prediction ever? bitcoin currently at $500 and rising

  • Rat

    Best prediction
    Awesome job